Greenleaf Trail Topo Map

Here is the map I use when Running this trail

Greenleaf Trailhead

Time to sign in

Early Trail

Much of the trail to the swinging bridge is right on the shores of Greenleaf Lake

Lake through trees

Greenleaf Lake is visible through the trees

Greenleaf Lake

More Greenleaf Lake in the morning sun

Swinging Bridge

The swinging bridge can be seen in the distance

Crossing the Bridge

This is point on the trail where you are really going into the wood. You must decide if you are taking the Ridgeline or Lakeshore Trails. They are a loop. I usually go down the Ridgeline Trail to the North End and come back on the shorter, more travelled Shoreline Trail.

Greenleaf Lake

An arm of Greenleaf Lake

Rugged Trail

The trail runs up this efferent stream drainage to the left

Rugged Trail

The trail climbs up to the left


The trail runs beside or under many cliffs

Ridgeline View

With the leaves off, there are many fine views from the Ridgeline (and Shoreline Trails)

The Cliff

This is the steepest climb on the trail. It leads to a rocky outcropping where I often eat lunch. It is just past halfway.


This is the top of the climb

North End Campground

There isn't much here but it is always a psychological lift to turn for home on the Shoreline Trail.

Shoreline Trail

Trail maintainence on the North Loop is difficult. It was a pain scrambling over this in previous years

Greenleaf Lake

A view of the lake from the Shoreline Trail

Mary's Cove Campground

There is more at this site and often people camping here

Mary's Cove

This is Mary's Cove. It comes right in to the campsite

Swinging Bridge Return

It's always nice to cross the bridge on the way home. I've never got to this point without being tired.