Bighorn 100 Maps and GPS Data

Unoffical Course Maps


GPS Data

The official race web site links to a gpx trace on the site. I modified it in Mapsource (Garmin) to include the entire course plus aid stations. It is broken into 500 point tracks as many GPS receivers will only upload tracks of 500 points of less. They'll upload many different tracks though.

Bighorn 100 course gdb format Bighorn 100 course gpx format
Bighorn 100 course as one long track in gdb or gpx formats


I carried a Garmin eTrex Vista during the 2017 run collecting data every 20 seconds.

Bighorn 100 2017 actual course gdb format or gpx format

-still to come-

USGS Topographical Maps (digital raster graphics)

Here are the USGS Topographical Maps that cover the Bighorn100 Course. They are in Geo-Tiff format but can be opened in any photo editing program. To use these in mapping software the corresponding *.tfw files are also needed and are included below. The tiff files are 7 MB so take a few seconds to download.

-still to come-


Hiking Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, A Guide to the Area's Greatest Hiking Adventures – Ken Keffer

I bought this book and it was worth reading.

This book describes hikes in the Bighorn Mountains. It includes the trails used by the Bighorn 100.