Mississippi 50 Maps and GPS Data

Unoffical Course Maps

I used a Garmin eTrex Vista to collect datapoints of the large and small loops. The large, 12.5 mile loop is complete but I lost satellite coverage on the small loop. I've filled in the gaps on the small loop by hand. I set waypoints at the start/finish and the aids stations. This map was made using Garmin Mapsource.

Mississippi 50 2017 Course Map

Here is another course map made using the track described above and the USGS 1:24,000 topographical maps.
MS50 Course USGS Topo (print) and MS50 Course Topo (screen)

GPS Data

I carried a Garmin eTrex Vista during my second large loop and first small loop in the 2017 run collecting data every 20 seconds.

The gps files are zipped to save space and need to be unzipped before use.

Mississippi 50 2017 gdb format gpx format

USGS Topographical Maps (digital raster graphics)

Two MS50 course is contained on two USGS quadrangles, Lantham, MS and Strengthford, MS. They are GeoTiff files and can be opened
in any photo editing program. Metadata files are included so they can also be used in any GPS mapping program.

Here is another USGS Topographical Map, Jones-MS, that covers the Mississippi 50 course. It is in JPEG format but can be opened in any photo editing program. This file is 18 MB so takes a minute to download.